Friday, September 26, 2008

One day later

Now that we are officially in recovery, things are looking great. Thomas ate a lot last night (every hour and a half or so) and then decided he'd had enough and slept for 5 hours. It was great because we got to get a little bit of sleep. During the time he was sleeping, I got to get up and walk around for the first time. Then, I got breakfast! Eggs and toast have never been better.

By 10:30 I was completely untethered - no longer hooked to any IVs and ready for a shower. Ah, lovely shower.

Robb and Reba brought my nephews over for a visit and they each came in separately. They all brought Thomas a stuffed animal and sat in the rocking chair to hold him. It was so cute. Then my mom and Hannah came and visited and then Jeremy (Josh's brother), Jen (his fiance), Jimmy (Josh's cousin) and Beth (Josh's mom). Mike (Josh's dad) came a little later. So, Thomas is well visited. We figured there was no reason for Thomas to lay in his bassinet when he could be attended to by all of his family.

I am slowly recovering, getting up and walking around. Josh is still being a great dad, bringing me the baby and then swaddling him back up after each feeding - he is now an expert swaddler.

We will post more pictures later on tonight :)


Robb and Rebecca said...

We posted more pictures from today's visit--9-26-08. Happy Birthday Thomas.

Joanne said...

So glad things are going smoothly! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah and Josh! Really glad to hear the delivery went well and Thomas is doing great. Amazing what those little ones go through before they arrive (mom's included here!). This is Robb & Rebecca's longtime family friend, by the way :0). Enjoy this amazing time and new chapter in your lives! -Sheri