Sunday, September 21, 2008

Original Due Date

Today is the day we calculated as our original due date. Around the time of the second ultrasound, they moved us up a week. But, now that we saw the baby measuring at 39 weeks last Monday, I think they may have been wrong to move us up. Tomorrow, when we go to the doctor, we are going to talk to him about the dates to make sure they have everything correct. I suspect he is going to want to induce this week if I have not gone into labor. We are still going to ask that we wait until at least Friday. All the tests have come back well, so I don't want to induce until we really have to.

I was a little bummed that I was awake again at 6 am, but then, as the sun came up and our backyard was foggy and misty and so beautiful, I felt much better.

I just finished a blanket for Thomas while watching the Seahawks game (yay, a win for the Seahawks!) and now Josh is hoping that even if I go into labor I will hold off until after his hockey game (and since his game is in 3 hours and I am not in labor yet, I think it is a pretty good bet that he will get to play).

Speaking of Josh, I don't often sing his praises here, but I have to say that he has been really supportive and encouraging. He is also a superior foot masseuse - a quality that cannot be praised highly enough.

We will update again after tomorrow's appointment with the doctor. Until then, have a lovely Sunday evening.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think it's great that you are wanting to wait as long as possible and let Thomas come in his own time. You definitely have to be your own advocate nowadays. Blessings to you during this time.