Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doctor visit #2

We are back from seeing the doctor one more time. Thomas has not gained any weight, BUT he hasn't lost any either. The doctor was happy with this result. My milk just came in a little later due to the c-section, so we are going to continue with the breast feeding and have him weighed again Thursday. We will continue to make sure he is getting fed every 2-3 hours and that he actually eats during feeding (he tends to fall asleep).

Thomas did great on his visit. He had to have more blood taken. They have to continue checking for jaundice every visit until his numbers come up. He does really well with the blood draws. Dad holds him and keeps him calm. He really is a content baby and we just love him more every day.

We celebrated by going to the mall for Orange Julius. Josh is trying to get his iPhone fixed so we needed to go to the AT&T store. Thomas slept the entire time, but we got to take him for his first ride in the stroller.

I am now exhausted, so I am going to take a nap. I'll post more pictures later.

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Amanda said...

CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH i'm SO excited to have a new cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is gorgeous and i can't wait to meet him :)