Monday, September 29, 2008

First Doctor visit

We have now made it successfully from the house to the doctor's office and back. It was pretty much the focus of our entire day and we are back home and recovering.

We had both good and bad news from the visit. Thomas looked a little yellow, so they tested him for jaundice. They just called to let us know that he does NOT have jaundice (I was very relieved by this). The bad news is that he has continued to lose weight and he is down to 7 lbs 8 oz (it is amazing to me that most babies are that small or smaller when they are born). We talked to the doctor and have decided to wait one more day for my milk to come in to see if Thomas will start gaining weight rather than losing it. We have to go back to the doctor tomorrow to have him weighed again. We are also doing a couple of things to help stimulate milk production. I am now under strict orders to relax, drink lots of water and rest.

Speaking of resting - our fun photo of the day is Thomas in his swing. Today was the first day we let him nap in his swing. He loved it. It is moments like these that make me so grateful for a contented baby. He looks so peaceful.

We will update following our appointment tomorrow.

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illahee said...

i'm sorry to hear his weight is down. i think right around the fourth day my babies' weight starting going up again. not a lot, but a gain. so, i hope tomorrow he has gained!

nursing is a beautiful thing, but feeding a baby is the most important thing!