Sunday, September 28, 2008

24 hours at home

I'm surprised at how fast the first 24 hours at home went by. Of course, we have discovered a lot! Thomas is still up all night and likes to sleep during the day. We have figured out how to alternate shifts in the middle of the night and to take advantage of periods of sleep during the day. This morning, after breakfast, Thomas and Josh took a nap and I was able to take a shower. It was incredible!

Thomas had some hard times last night. We discovered that he did not like wearing a onesie. We couldn't figure out if it was because it was rubbing on his umbilical cord or just too restrictive. He also had a big long day yesterday, so we thought he might just need some time with mom and dad. We did get him into some clothes today - a sleep and play suit that zips up the front and has little footies. He has been super comfortable in that and now is warm and cozy and wrapped up in his blankets.

My parents came over with lunch from Olive Garden and then we took Thomas for a walk around the neighborhood. He got to meet some of the neighbors and we discovered that one of our neighbors was our anesthesiologist.

When we got back from our walk, Josh took over and I got to sleep for a while.

We go to see Thomas' doctor tomorrow for our first appointment. It should be an adventure to get him into the car and over to the doctor. We will update after we get back.

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Kristy said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you two! He is adorable! I'm sorry the time at the hospital was so long, but I'm glad he's finally here!

I know the first few weeks can be especially tough, but just know you'll make it through!

I know you've got lots of friends, but if you need advice from someone who's just been through it (and sometimes feels like I'm still in the middle!) send me an e-mail!