Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fun in the Sun

I took the day off yesterday to take Jacob and Jonah to Wild Waves. It was the perfect day for it - sunny and 76 degrees. In the Pacific Northwest, we try to keep these days a secret by moaning about how much it rains here, but when they come, they are perfect.

I always get caught short by my own selfishness when I take my nephews for the day. It is amazing to me how many times I have to stop myself from doing what I want to shift toward their needs. I'm really glad I moved here so that I could have them in my life to learn this lesson over and over again.

Hannah came with me and we did our favorite - divide and conquer. She took Jonah and I took Jacob. Even though they are really close in age, Jacob is way more willing to take risks and go on "fast" rides/slides while Jonah will just tell you he is too scared. We all ended up wiht a tiny bit of sunburn, and we rolled into town exhausted, but it was a great day.

After dropping them off, I went with Josh and Jeremy to see Little Miss Sunshine. It was an absolutely perfect movie. Without trying too hard, it was funny and poignant and a perfect ending to the day.

Tomorrow we are going to the Fair so there should be more pictures. Today I am taking a break, doing laundry, working on a puzzle, listening to my iPod on shuffle, going out for a little shopping and then a nap. I still love Saturdays the most.


illahee said...

i happened upon your blog about a month or so ago. i live in japan now, but i lived in silverdale for fifteen years...this post has made me nostalgic!! i hope you don't mind me reading, you have a great blog here. and please take lots of pictures at the fair!!


EjucatedGuy said...

looks like fun - I can't believe how big they're getting! crazy!!

Joanne said...

Are you there, Sarah? I've read this post everyday since Saturday! I'm guessing you've been slammed at work...hang in there and happy almost Friday.