Wednesday, August 09, 2006


For Hannah's sake and for the rest of you that know me, here is a picture of books on shelves in my new house. It has been said that I have too many books. But, really, can you have too many books? I'm really happy to be working in the book industry and around books all the time. I'm pretty blessed to have an hour every morning on the ferry where I can read my book. And, I get to work with a lot of other people that like books as well.

I got home too late to post last night after a business dinner in Seattle. Seattle has some of the best restaurants. I grew up near San Francisco and there were always great places to eat there, but since I get to sample a lot of the great dining in Seattle, I am of the opinion that this is one of the best places to live if you like food.

Speaking of liking food, I've also gone back to the gym this week as I mentioned in my last post. It was nice to take a break for a while, but I am really enjoying getting back into the swing of it.

I'm already thinking about weekend projects, even though it is only Wednesday. Since the laundry sink won't drain, that will probably take priority. Wish me luck. Happy Wednesday!


Hannah Snelling said...


Yes. There is such a thing as too many books.

I love you anyway, though, and it fits for you to be surrounded by the massive amount of literature you have put into your brain.

EjucatedGuy said...

I think those of us who said you had "too many books" were the same people that were carrying and helping you move many boxes (HEAVY boxes) of books...