Thursday, August 03, 2006

I keep trying to upload this and having no luck, so I will just write a little in hopes that it will survive. Hannah arrived yesterday and we had a nice dinner downtown with Mom. She is job interviewing right now and it is really good to see her here. Because this is the summer of moves, she will have to move back here in the next month. I think our entire family is required to move at least twice more before we are done. :)

I am told that I am not including enough pictures, so here is one of my breakfast nook. It is great to be moving in and feeling cozy in little places like the entryway. I will do more unpacking this weekend - including some books unpacking. I'm still attempting the relaxed approach - not killing myself by unpacking everything at once. I hope to be done with everything by the end of August.

I am up way beyond when I wanted to be since it took me so long to fix my internet connection. But, now, all is well with the world. I am going off to bed, content.

Sweet dreams and happy Thursday!

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