Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Noah!

It's Noah's third birthday today and we had a barbecue at Robb and Reba's to celebrate. Reba made a car shaped cake with Oreo cookie wheels. My mom and grandma came and Robb's parents and sister and brother in law were there as well with their kids.

Robb's dad built a sandbox for Noah since he loves the sandbox so much. He was very excited about all of his presents and the kids had a great time tearing around. It was a truly beautiful afternoon and I was really grateful, once again, that I moved up here so I could be here for events like this.

A note on the comments on my last blog - my mom finally read the blog AND left a comment. She gets the big award for the day. And, I promise I will post more pictures of the house as I progress on the decorating. I have big plans to unpack boxes this weekend, but I'm trying to be reasonable during the week and give myself some time.

That's all for tonight. Sweet dreams everybody. I'm going to turn on the TV and go to sleep.

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