Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

It was absolutely beautiful today and I couldn't help but take advantage of the lovely day to forget about unpacking and just have a nice day. After church, there was lunch on the docks with the kids playing in the fountain. Then, I took a brief Target run. Lately, I have been forgetting what I need when I go to Target so I end up not buying anything, but wandering aimlessly, hoping that inspiration will hit. Today was no exception. So, I came home and took a nap.

I am a big fan of Sunday naps. It seems like the ultimate luxury to me. I think it would be nice to have naps every day, but I don't know if corportate America agrees with me.

We headed to my parents for a barbecue and after dinner, my dad gave my nephews some pointers on baseball. All in all, a lovely day and one that makes me wish for much longer weekends.

I must now pay the piper by unpacking 3 boxes of books. It shall be my concession to unpacking today. Happy, lazy Sunday!

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Hannah Snelling said...

I am excited to see your bookshelves with books on them. It really won't look like YOUR house until there is a crazy plethora of books!