Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mid Week

I have not been good about posting because I am having too much fun. Tonight, Josh's mom made ribs for dinner and they were great. This is really not mid week for me since I am taking Friday off to take Jacob and Jonah to Wild Waves. I keep promising pictures, and I will definitely have some then. I promised them at the beginning of August that I would find a good time to go and it looks like it might be 80 degrees on Friday. Wahoo!

Hannah has been driving back across the country and I've been thinking about travel and getting out on the road. I have some good trips coming up so I will post more pictures. Hope August is treating everybody well amidst all the chaos of our lives. Robb and Reba are going to start their renovation on September 5 and it looks like my friends, Toben and Joanne, found a great house in Denver.

So much joy for everyone. I couldn't be more grateful - it is really amazing to see what kinds of changes one little summer can bring.

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