Friday, August 18, 2006

Why is it so hard to work on Fridays

As you know, I have been working on budgets and trying to stay ahead of the next couple of things that are coming my way at work. I have also been doing a lot of shopping lately. I must say that I am distressed by several of the trends as follows:
1) Really short skirts. It is very difficult to keep up professional respect by wearing a really short skirt. It makes it seem like we all should be going to nightclubs. And then there is the difficulty of sitting down.
2) No good jackets. I used to wear suits all the time, but now I can't find any good jackets. Either they are too short or too boxy. Why, I ask you, why?
3) I don't like enough of the shoes. I used to love shoes, but I walked through the entire shoe department at Nordstrom and only found one pair of shoes that I wanted. Am I just getting over shoes?

Here are links to all of the good stuff I have been shopping lately.

Cool Wool dress from Banana Republic - I bought it in the darkest of dark browns.
Sweaters from the Gap - Vests and long sleeved and cable vest
Jeans from the Gap
Shoes from Aldo

Have a great weekend everybody!

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EjucatedGuy said...

I've sidesteped the hardship of working on Friday's by not having a job:)