Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Update

Mommy holds and launches the drone while Thomas handles the remote control

Clearly Josh took the picture so there would be no evidence of his morning hair
I didn't post this weekend because we were too busy relaxing and hanging out. We did some shopping on Saturday and picked up our car which had been getting maintenance updates all week while we were in Seattle.

Sunday morning we had a little fun with the Mini Hover Drone that I bought Thomas for Christmas. He is pretty good at flying it. It only goes up and down and we have to duck as it gets closer to the ground. We sent Charlotte on a mission to find it and she was pretty nervous about touching it.

Sunday night we all got to go to Josh's hockey game, including all of the grandparents, Thomas and Charlotte's Aunt Jen who is 7 months pregnant and expecting at the beginning of May. Then I was off to book club. Definitely not a boring day.

As a result of the big weekend and a long day today, I am now tired. I am also grateful - for my husband, who came home from work early so I could stay late, for my kids, who were full of life and love when I got home, for all of the family that we got to spend time with this weekend and for the time I got to spend with my husband and my kids this weekend.

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