Monday, February 21, 2011


We had a beautiful weekend - even though it was cold, we got sunshine and plenty of it. Even today was nice - big blue sky, nice fluffy clouds. But, about an hour ago it started to rain. And not normal, misty, Seattle rain - it was torrential and gusty. So I am now sitting here listening to the rain blow against my window. I'm sort of glad to have it back. It makes it more acceptable for me to wear really comfy, warm clothes to work this week.

A note about work here seems necessary, but I generally don't blog about work. What I will say is that I took on a new job recently and it is harder than my old job. Not bad hard, just harder than my old job. As I work my way into this new job, I am trying to give myself some grace and understand that it might mean that I need to go to bed a little earlier. Which is why I am cozy right now and thinking seriously about how I early I can go to bed and still be considered an adult.

Mondays are also transitional day for us - we get in the car early in the morning and return to Seattle for the week. This week, we are driving our smaller car while our bigger car gets some much needed maintenance. The bigger car has a video player in it and the children are accustomed to watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the trip. Thomas keeps asking for it, and we keep explaining that there is no TV in this car. It was enlightening to listen to him entertain himself on the ride. Mostly he told himself stories and occasionally involved us in the conversation. It was a nice change from listening to the same video over and over again.

I know some of you are thinking that it is a holiday and I should have had the day off, but I do not get this holiday off (and I found that several of my friends do not get this day off either). The big advantages to working when everyone has the day off are less traffic and maybe time to catch up on things without interruption from the outside world. I did take an extra few minutes this morning to hang up some pictures in my office. I hadn't printed a lot of pictures in the last year - I do have a nice picture of Josh and I from our wedding on my desk - and now I have great pictures of Thomas and Charlotte on the walls. So even though I didn't get a holiday, I now get to see my babies all day long.

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