Monday, February 14, 2011

Two small stories from today

1. Thomas told me a story tonight before he went to bed. He is not a reliable narrator. But, if you listen through the words you get the essence of what he is trying to say and it is such a wonderful time to hear how he is processing things. The story always starts out with him trying to sell someone out "Daddy took away my toy" and the probing brings out the truth - it was one he had stolen from his sister. "And is it okay to steal from Charlotte?" "No." He then went on to catalog all of his misbehavior from the day "I pushed Charlie." "And is that okay?" "Nooooo." This is progress for us - he used to say "Yes".

2. It is Valentine's Day and Josh bought me chocolate. He just asked if he could have one and I said, "sure, you can have the rest, there are only a few left." He took the box, held it for a second and then said, "Did you eat all the ones in the second layer?" and I said, "there's a second layer?". Which is all just to say that I hope you enjoy your chocolates and remember that a heavy box indicates a second layer.

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Jan Maniatis said...

I love Thomas' story. How funny that he manages to "out" himself. I love the "second layers" in life!