Monday, November 24, 2008

When my friend, Sara, came to visit last week, they brought us this outfit. At the time I thought it wouldn't fit him for a few weeks (since it is a 6 month outfit), but all of a sudden he is no longer fitting into his 3 month clothing. I went out and bought a couple of extra of these since he needs some 6 month clothes. I am still trying to stuff him into 3 month clothes, but he seems to be getting bigger every day! ;)

We took him to see his first movie in the theater today. People keep telling us this is the best time to take him to movies because he still sleeps a lot and is relatively quiet. We wanted to try it in the middle of the day when there were less people there just in case he got loud. He did not make too much noise, but it was a little loud for him and we decided that it is hard to enjoy a movie when we are worried that he will make noise. Josh really took care of him during the movie and he did have to take him out at one point when he got a too talkative. It was a good experiment because now we know that when we want to go to the movies we will need to get a sitter. (Our moms are going to love that).

We saw Twilight for those of you that are wondering. We liked it. I read the book and it seemed really close to the story of the book with a few minor changes.

Okay, it is definitely my turn to entertain Thomas. He loves to hang out and play with us now and we are soaking up every minute of it...

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illahee said...

oh, going to the movies when my first was a wee one was soooo easy! if he woke up or got upset, i could nurse him and he'd sleep again. very easy to NIP when it's dark!! lol