Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here are the babies that are graduates of our Lamaze class. We had a great time today getting to meet all the babies and talk to all of the parents. Once again we were amazed at how everyone has such different babies and different experiences. One of the reasons there are so many baby books out there is that one thing does not work for every baby.

Speaking of baby books - we started reading to our son on the suggestion of our doctor. It was interesting. I used one book that had little mirrors in it and he liked that one the best. He seems to like mirrors. We have also been teaching him how to stick out his tongue. That one is more fun. He has been smiling a lot and now he is trying new facial expressions along with the smiles. His dad is especially good at getting him to do funny things.

I think we will turn in a little early tonight since we have had two later nights. Even though Thomas slept for a good 6 hours last night, I still need a couple of nights like that to catch up...

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