Saturday, November 01, 2008

We had a fun day in Seattle yesterday visiting my friends at work. It was fun to see everyone and Thomas did a great job, even giving us a few smiles. On the way home, Thomas was a little fussy in the car, but he calmed down and went to sleep. Josh and I were very grateful that we won't be making that commute every day with Thomas in the car. Although I will really miss my boys when I go back to work, it seems like making that drive every day with him would be a little much. We are happy that Josh can stay with him here in Bremerton and not force him to sit in a car seat for 3 hours a day.

Today, Thomas and I headed over to the mall with my mom and my sister.

Hannah loves to come and visit and today she got the joy of feeding Thomas.

Thomas gave Marna a big smile. The kids call my mom Marna because Jacob couldn't pronounce Grandma, so my mom became Marna. The smiles kill me - he looks so happy and trusting and I love to see him like that.

We are off to dinner!

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