Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Thursday we went over to the Canfield's house for some manual labor. They pulled out the ceiling in their basement and discovered that one of the beams is not as thick as it should be, so they needed to put steel beams in before they finished putting in a new ceiling. I don't have pictures of the carrying of the steel beam since I ran off to lunch with Hannah, but I understand it was quite the production. They had 5 guys to carry the beams, but I'm glad I missed it since I would have been worried about permanent injury to Josh.

Here is a picture of Jeremy and Marvin jacking up the house before they put in the new beam:

Last night we went down to Tacoma to the Old Spaghetti Factory to meet up with the extended Snelling family. There were 25 of us there and we had a great time eating and visiting. My parents and Robb and Reba are out of town so they were unable to come, which was too bad because we had a great time seeing everyone.

Here is my cousin Marci holding Thomas and showing him off to my cousin Christine and her niece (my second cousin) Maddie:

My grandparents have 9 great grandchildren and 5 of them were there last night. Thomas is their 8th great grandchild - my cousin, Tim, and his wife, Stephanie, just had a baby 4 weeks ago. Last night was the first time they got to meet Thomas:

The reason for this get together is that my cousin, Sondra, was in town with her husband and her (almost) 2 year old from North Carolina. They won't be back for Christmas when we all normally get together, so we took this as an opportunity to see everyone. Faith is only 18 months older than Thomas and she was fascinated by him.

We got home rather late and Thomas was still in his car seat. He stayed there for until his 2 am feeding. He is now chilling out next to me in his swing. He has been eating like crazy so I suspect he will once again break the scales when we go to the doctor on Thursday. :)

Today we will just be chilling here. It looks like we are going to get a break from the rain so we may even get a walk in today.

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