Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Cozy

Thomas is not a big fan of his swing. He far prefers his bouncy seat (thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Joanne!). He will hang out in his bouncy seat now and kick and bat at the toys that hang over his head. I did use the swing to put him in while he was asleep last night and he slumped right over. He looked so cozy!

Our friends, Matt and Sara, came over for a visit today with their son, Rudy. Rudy is one month older than Thomas so I always feel like we get a little bit of a glimpse of the future when we see him. We had a great time exchanging stories. It is really helpful to have friends that have babies the same age as Thomas so we can swap stories and know that what we are going through is normal.

We are off to Josh's hockey game in a few minutes. My baby is fed and happy and we are going to root for Daddy to make a goal tonight!

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