Thursday, November 13, 2008

I guess we have been busy in the past couple of days since I haven't posted any pictures. Thomas has been pretty wakeful during the day which doesn't leave me a lot of time to post either. We have been blessed by two long sleep stretches at night. Last night, Thomas slept from 10 - 3 (that is 5 hours!) and the night before from 10-4 (6 hours!). I knew that we should expect that to happen around this age, but I wasn't holding out hope. He seemed pretty set on waking up every 3 hours or so. After the long stretch, he wakes up every couple of hours to eat until about 9 or 10. He takes about 3 one hour naps during the day, but he likes to be awake the rest of the time. We may be getting to an actual schedule.

Yesterday, Josh took my older nephews ice skating and I spent some time with my sister and my nephew, Noah -

We also hung out with Jeremy and played a game.

Tuesday we had a visit from the cable guy. Afterward, we ventured out to Best Buy and Costco. We bought a few new technology toys (like a big hard drive to store all of our pictures and movies). Thomas has also been hanging out with his dad a lot -
We are expecting a visit from Hannah today and then we will be helping out the Canfields on some heavy lifting (well, Josh will be doing the heavy lifting).

Thomas is waking up again to eat. Have a great day!

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