Sunday, November 02, 2008

I love coming home on Sunday afternoon and hanging out as a family. This time is truly restful for us and we get a chance to enjoy each other. Today Grandpa C came over for a visit. He brought Thomas some new booties from Grandma C - you can see them in the picture below.
We then gave Grandpa the joy of feeding Thomas. He was fed by Marna at lunch, so he is getting lots of food from his grandparents today.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Thomas is growing out of all of his clothes. I can now buy 3 month old clothes for him - he has grown out of all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes. The reason he needs bigger clothes has a lot to do with his length and not as much to do with his weight. He is a tall, skinny dude. Once we got past the initial weight issues, he has really taken this growing thing seriously. I love to see him change so much.

Other big milestones are coming up and we can already see signs of them. He is great at smiling and has started giving us the big grin. Today, Josh had him sitting up and you can see that he has a lot more head control. Pretty soon he will be cruising around the room :)

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