Monday, April 11, 2011

Short weeks in Seattle

We are now in the throes of hockey season which means I should take some action shots of Josh on the ice (or in the penalty box) and post them here so you can see what we do on the weekends. The games are on Thursday and Sunday and the teams rotate a little, but it seems like we are getting a lot of Thursday games. When it works, that means we leave here on Thursday night instead of Friday. It makes the week go by faster, even though I have to commute in on most Fridays.

We had several fun things going on this weekend. On Saturday, we took Thomas for his first skating lesson. 26 minutes into it, Josh got him to crawl out on the ice. We have decided to resort to bribery next week (in other words - candy if he can make it on to the ice). He is going through a phase of being nervous about things that were fine before. He also struggled with his class at the rec center today. We'll see if he can get over it in the next couple of weeks.

My parents came over on Saturday night which allowed Josh and I to go see a movie. We are really blessed to have so much family nearby. I know many parents in our situation (2 really young kids) and they rarely get time alone together. We also got to go out to dinner on Friday night and I got to go watch Josh's hockey game on Sunday afternoon all by myself. It made the weekend feel longer and more restful.

We cam back here last night which allowed me to go to yoga this morning. I do not do all the well at Monday morning yoga. I don't know if it is because it has been a few days since I did it last or because I really wish I could still be in bed, but I struggle a lot more on Mondays than when I do it on Wednesday or Friday. It is still worth it because I feel so good when it is over, but I have to earn it more on Monday.

That is pretty much the story for today. Now I am going to curl up with my book and read for a while.

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