Friday, April 15, 2011


We came home to Bremerton last night, so I had to commute today. I love to drive. Friday mornings are a particularly good time to drive because there is less traffic. Strangely, Friday nights have lots of traffic. You wouldn't think that so many people leave on Friday nights, but they must because the traffic is generally terrible on Friday nights. I enjoyed my time in the car, catching up on world news and then listening to some music. It was a nice way to leave work behind and get my head into the weekend.

We are going to round two of ice skating lessons tomorrow. We've had lots of talks this week about it and I think Thomas is ready. We'll see if we have to resort to actual bribery. Josh is going to go out on the ice with him tomorrow and we have been working with him on why it is good to try things even if they are scary.

Now that Thomas is able to get out of his bed, we are working on the fun stuff like actually staying in bed. He is usually pretty good, but he did show up once this week next to my bed. He said "Mommy, I'm chilly." So I got up, took him back to bed and covered him with two blankets. He was out in two seconds. We also had a small incident this week where he climbed into Charlotte's crib with her at 5 am. She thought it was hilarious.

Thomas and Charlotte are both growing out of their clothes faster than I think is possible. And, they are both getting new teeth. Charlotte now has 4 molars and Thomas also has his final molars. They are both looking forward to a weekend of running around the house, stomping their feet and generally making lots of noise. I am looking forward to watching them and laughing.

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Kristy said...

I can't wait to hear how Thomas's lesson goes! I've taken Zack skating once, but haven't gotten to the lesson part yet. I just don't think he has the listening skills yet!