Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy night

Tonight, I had a "busy" night. All that means is that I did laundry and then put it away and had to put the sheets back on Charlotte's bed. Charlotte has now decided that she loves kisses, so I can grab her and kiss her neck and she just laughs and laughs. She also burrows into her pillow at night and reaches for the blanket to pull it around her. She could not be cuter.

Thomas is having fun trying to figure out his boundaries. His new word is "dangerous" as in "the parking lot is dangerous". While I don't want him to go around being scared about a lot of things, I do want him to have a healthy respect for the danger around a moving car. It is a fine line.

The big news today is that I finally got my act together and got a new mobile phone. When Josh went to work for HTC, I inherited his old iPhone. It was a fine phone and I probably would have gone on using it for a while, but Apple released a new version of iOS that patched some security holes and they did not make it compatible with my iPhone (an ancient 3G model). Therefore, in order to get my work email, I had to get a different phone. So now I have the same model phone that Josh has (an HTC Inspire) and a spiffy purple case to go along with it.

That's all the excitement for today. Except for the fact that there are now only 3 more dessert free days ahead of me. Of course the more important part of that is celebrating Easter on Sunday, but I'm really looking forward to some chocolate eggs.

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