Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been going through all the photos we have of Thomas and printing some to hang on our walls. The one above is from our day of Christmas tree hunting. It is the perfect little picture of Thomas. Josh is really good at getting the right shots of him. He actually took this one on his iPhone. I now have a bunch of pictures in frames for us to hang up.

Yesterday I started wrapping Christmas presents. I wanted to get a jump start on it so that I don't end up wrapping them all at the last minute. I am a very traditional wrapper - just paper, ribbon, bow - but Josh is way more creative. He doesn't like it if you can tell what the present is from the shape of it so he uses extra cardboard and paper to make the present into the shape of a dog or a bird or a dinosaur. It makes it really hard to guess what is inside :)

We went to the Canfield's last night for Mike's birthday. We will do a bigger celebration on Saturday so that everyone can be there. I love that we have been able to do things like this since our schedule is so flexible. I will miss this when I go back to work.

Speaking of work, I am going to Seattle today for our end of the year team party. Josh is going to take care of Thomas here. It will be a little bit of a dry run for us. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone prior to getting back into it in January.

That is all the news. It looks like we may get snow this weekend which will make for some very fun pictures.

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