Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thomas has definitely found his finger. He can also now reach out and grab things - although he is still working on exactly where the object is. I could swear that he was waving at me today. I was filling up the car with gas and waving to him from outside the window and he waved in response. I know, I know, he can't really wave this early, but it was the cutest thing.

Josh has been working during the day so Thomas and I try to get out of the house a little to avoid distracting him. Yesterday we met up with Noah and Rebecca. Thomas loves his cousin as you can see from the picture below.

My boy is definitely interacting with toys now. Josh's friends James and Anand came over two Saturdays ago and James brought the Tiger in the picture below. Thomas loves it. He will play with it and pull on the ring and then try to put the Tiger's ears in his mouth. He is definitely starting to chew on things. The other toy he loves is the Winnie the Pooh rattle in the picture above. He holds on to it like a security blanket.

Right now, Thomas is hanging out with his dad. He has had a mellow day - taking one very long nap (3.5 hours) and another short one a little while ago. Most of the time now he is sleeping for a 6-8 hour stretch at night, so we are feeling a little more rested. Still loving all this time we get to spend together and savoring our last few weeks before I go back to work.

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Robb and Rebecca said...

Here's Jacob's growth stats from his 2 month checkup, to make you feel better about T's growth rate: weight-- 13 lb. 14 oz, height-- 25 1/2", head circumfrence--16 1/2 cm. Just thought you might like to know. I remember him growing and growing, just like Thomas. What a great picture with Noah!