Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So Big

I just went back through and looked at all of the pictures we have taken of Thomas since he was born. He has grown so much! I was looking at him next to me at dinner tonight and marveling at his big cheeks. He is almost 10 weeks old (tomorrow) and we last had him weighed at 8 weeks. He was 12 lb 10 oz. If he has gained an ounce a day since then (average for babies) he would now be 13 lb 8 oz (or 13.5 lbs). Of course he has been a big gainer for a while and could possible weigh more than that. He fits comfortably in 6 month size clothing and seems to be eating like a crazy man.

We are still amazed that we are parents and can't get over all of the great things our son does every day. Tonight he grabbed his foot. And today, he laughed. Now it is time for all of us to get a little sleep (we are still working on that part...).

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