Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New York City - so cold

I got into NYC on Sunday night, late. Of course I was starving once I got in, so I had to go out for food. It was about -2 with the wind chill factor and I had left my gloves in the back seat of the taxi (of course). Here is what I love about New York. At 10:00 on Sunday night, a block away from my hotel, I found a small shop where I was able to buy new gloves for $10. Then I went to McDonalds and got a chicken sandwich.

The Tools of Change conference has been really good and interesting. I'm learning a lot about my new job/world and still trying to process all of it. After the conference yesterday, I went to dinner with my friend Amanda at Becco. The restaurant was really close to the hotel, which was good since it was still sooooo cold. We had pasta - which Becco is famous for and a little bit of salad. I had a great time and was back in my hotel room by 8:00, so I got a good nights sleep.

The conference ends tomorrow and then I am off to meetings with publishers on Thursday and Friday. Hope you all are much warmer than me.


Robb and Rebecca said...

Ironically, our high was close to 50 yesterday, balmy February weather. Hope you have time to fit in some fun. Hurry back, we miss you!

Hannah Snelling said...

Ahh, cold NYC! I always think it just adds to the fun! Enjoy and I will see you Saturday! Love you!