Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Housing update

Many of you know we have been trying to sell our houses for about 8 months. Josh and I bought the house we are currently living in and thought that the houses we had lived in before we got married would sell right away and we hit the market just wrong. We met with our realtor tonight to drop the prices on both houses. It was a sobering moment, one where we really had to think about how much less we are willing to take on our houses. We are both going to sell them for a loss from what we paid. And, that is okay. We are tired of paying 3 house payments and with everything else, we'd like to see them sold.

So, that is our housing update. I am watching the aftermath of the Obama/Clinton debate on MSNBC. I love watching all of the speculation. Nobody knows what is going to happen, but it is great to hear what people think. I'm going to retire to bed to watch now. As usual, I am tired...

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