Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Catching up with some pictures

Life at our house is pretty exciting right now - as you can tell from the picture above. I love this picture because the toy that is sitting on Josh was put there by Thomas. I had forgotten that kids don't really understand "Don't bug Daddy, he's sleeping". Thomas thinks it is hilarious to put things on Josh and also to pull his hair while he is sleeping.

Thomas got his first haircut the week before Christmas. He was starting to have a really out of control mullet in the back, so we finally took him in to get some trimmed. He was really good for the whole haircut which is amazing since his cousins were there and we were taking a ton of pictures and videos. Afterward, we took him over to McDonald's for some lunch. It was a little crazy since all the kids were out of school.

Here is a rare picture of Josh and I with our baby girl. We are always taking pictures of each other, but rarely have a chance to get a picture together. She is so precious. We took a picture with Thomas as well, but it did not turn out as well since he is so squirmy.

We went to visit my grandparents the week before Christmas and Thomas really liked this rocking chair. It belonged to my aunt, Jeanette, when she was a little girl. He loves having chairs his own size, although he is also now able to get up on chairs that are adult size, so he wants to sit in those as well.

My grandma with Charlotte. She slept for most of the visit...

We are getting back to the more normal routine of life after the holidays. Charlotte now has longer periods of wakefulness. I have been carrying here around a lot in the Bjorn because she likes it and sometimes will fall asleep a little easier if she is walked around.

Thomas continues to grow like crazy and has a lot of energy. We are really thankful that he goes to Robb and Rebecca's twice a week. He needs the change of scenery and his cousins keep him busy so he can get some of his energy out.

Josh has been busy working on a couple of websites and work for the gym.

I have been tackling all of those projects I didn't have energy for when I was pregnant. In addition to trying a lot of new recipes in the crock pot, I've been working on getting rid of things we don't need/use anymore and better organizing the things we do use.

Hope your new year has started off as good as ours!

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