Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life in the Canfield house

Sunday morning we took some pictures of the kids because they were being so cute

I decided that Charlotte should start wearing some dresses - and some fancy boots. She just looked so cute. She got these boots from her cousin Catalina who outgrew them quickly.

Thomas found a key chain and he carried it around. He likes to shake things to see what will happen. He loved this one for some reason.

Thomas likes to help us do the laundry. Or he really likes to "put your pajamas in the bag". It is amazing to me how much he understands now. I can say "pick up the toy and bring it to Mommy" and he does it. Amazing.

Charlotte is starting to smile more and to interact by copying what we are doing. Yesterday she giggled. And, she makes a lot more noise than she used to. She coos and babbles. I don't remember Thomas being very verbal at this age. He was pretty quiet.

We've been putting into motion a lot of new house projects. Because I am at home, we have more of an opportunity to do things. I made a list of all the things I wanted to do during the rest of my leave and got started by reorganizing my desk in the kitchen and then reorganizing the bedroom. We bought a great new dresser for the kids clothes. The dresser we were using was a little too small and Thomas' clothes are getting bigger and bigger. Now we have everything put away.

I still have a lot of things on my list. Next up is getting rid of my books. I am having a really hard time deciding which ones to keep and which to give away. We don't have the space for them anymore and I have been reading exclusively digitally for 2 years now. The room that all the books are in is also the music room and the Wii/workout room. We have actually been using it for workouts every day, so I can't wait to get more room in there.

The other things on my list involve some more organization (I have to get my knitting stuff under control and also go through my yarn stash) and lots of cooking. I have been trying new recipes - first I tried a lot of Crock Pot recipes and now I am doing some more regular cooking on the stove. Tonight we had lamb chops and cous cous salad (Josh did not love the cous cous), but the best thing I made this week was a pot roast in the Crock Pot. It was so easy (and I could have eaten the entire thing in one sitting it tasted so good).

Tomorrow I am going to cross the worst thing off my list (right below exercising consistently). I am going to the dentist. I've put it off for too long and now it is time to face the music. I'm a little afraid of how much work I'm going to need, but it is time to get it over with.

That is all the news fro our house. More pictures and stories to come next week.

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Hannah said...

You know I am available to help you deal with the yarn stash - I am very willing to receive the extras!!!