Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Josh got a new computer on Friday so we have been going through old pictures as he plays with the facial recognition functionality in the new version of iPhoto. He also managed to share his photos with me, so I pulled this old one over on to my computer. It is from an afternoon in July. It must have been during the hot spell because Thomas is not wearing a shirt. He managed to get behind the chair where I keep my knitting and unraveled a ball of yarn. Hilarious. After that, we learned to block off that part of the living room so he can't go behind the chair. We have been having similar incidents for the last couple of months where we discover that Thomas has access to something he definitely should not have access to (the back door, the pantry, the garbage can, the cat's water...) and then we have to block him from getting to this because it has now become his new favorite thing to do.

I love it. I think it is great to see him growing and exploring, even if it means more chasing. He is now really walking around and choosing walking more over crawling. I can tell that he is really comfortable in our house because he does it the most at home. When we go to another house, he still starts out with the crawling, but the longer he is there, the more he walks.

This weekend, we spent a lot of time with family, enjoying meals together and hanging out. I also managed to get in a pedicure on Saturday - I've gotten to the point where I can't paint my own toenails.

Tomorrow I head off to NYC for a week of meetings and I am feeling a little weepy tonight. It gets harder to leave every time. I think it was difficult when I had to leave just Josh at home, but now leaving both Josh and Thomas makes me more emotional.

Better get to sleep. Charlotte is making me more and more tired these days :)

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

I want to go to NYC with you! :)