Friday, September 18, 2009

Who works on Friday?

I took the day off today. I had an ultrasound scheduled for this morning and I thought I would take a little rest today since I have been going about a million miles an hour at work and at home lately. We are on target to have a completely laid back weekend. Thomas is already participating by falling asleep in his carseat on the way home from the doctor. We have a trip to Target planned for this afternoon after we drop off my car for an oil change and 25K mile service check. I find it highly relaxing to get some of these things done so that we don't have to try to cram them in tomorrow.

The appointment this morning was good - I did have to get a flu shot (the regular one). We got to see little Charlie. She looks like she is a little mushier than last time - starting to put on some weight and having less space to move around. I already knew this due to the amazing amount of kicking this girl can do. We also found out that she is breech (bottom down). Thomas was head down almost the entire pregnancy, so it is fun to see something a little different. She is moving right along and we are looking forward to welcoming her - tentatively on November 30. We can't schedule the c-section for sure until 6 weeks out, but we are penciled in on the calendar so we can save the space on Dr. Z's schedule. I have to go do some paperwork at the hospital next week when I am taking the day off again.

While Thomas is napping, I am going to enjoy my book. I have my feet up on a pillow, enjoying the ultimate in lazy day activities. Have a great weekend!

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