Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes, I have decided to start blogging again. So much has been going on with Thomas lately that I want to brag a little bit :)

You can see from the above picture that Thomas loves to use toys like this push toy and he has been using them to gain more and more sure footing. He is now able to take about 6 steps on his own before he realizes that he needs to go back to crawling. It is so cute to watch him toddling around the room. We've had to baby proof everything in the room where Thomas normally plays. He likes to climb so we had to take out all the bookshelves.

This is my favorite picture of Thomas. He loves to eat and he really goes after it. He has two teeth on the bottom now which makes him even more destructive to cantaloupes everywhere. He is also now able to eat most of what we eat. In the past week he has started demonstrating when his distaste for specific foods by spitting them out of his mouth.

Yes, I know you are supposed to wait until the first birthday to let them eat cake, but we let Thomas try cake at his cousin Noah's birthday. Of course he loved it. We've also let him try white cake and he definitely prefers chocolate.

While Thomas has been saying "Mama" for a while, he has recently started adding more words to his repertoire. He definitely says "Bye bye" and when you ask him what a kitty says, he says "meow". Today, he was playing with his cousin and he learned how to say "bubble". It is amazing to watch him learn and grow.

We also are super excited to bring our new little girl into the family. She will be joining us in 3 1/2 short months.

That's all the updates and pictures for now. I promise to update more frequently in the future.

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