Sunday, August 23, 2009

A quiet Sunday morning

It is a quiet morning at the Canfield house. Yesterday was a big day filled with activity. Jason and Joanne came over with CJ to visit and we had a fun time picking some plums off the tree and sitting outside enjoying the lovely day.

Here is Josh with two babies. CJ was really happy, but Thomas isn't sure about sharing his dad.
We went out to lunch all together and we let Thomas sit between us on a booster seat. He did pretty well, with a few attempts to crawl up on the table. We are trying to get him to sit still in his chair, but he still doesn't love to be confined. He loves to explore!

We also went over to Josh's parents so the boys (Josh and Jason) could challenge their Dad in a game of pool. And then we were off to the first home game for the Seahawks.

Josh and I have been on the Seahawks season ticket waiting list for a couple of years and this year we finally got to buy them. We bought 4 tickets so we could take people with us and last night we took my mom and my sister, Hannah. My dad was supposed to attend, but he was flying back from Africa yesterday and he missed his connection in New York. It all worked out as we were able to pick Dad up at the airport after the game. It was a great game and so fun - Hannah had never been to a pro football game before and she loved it.

Thomas stayed here in town with his aunt and uncle and cousins. Because he had so much excitement and skipped his nap in the afternoon, he passed out at about 7. We got back very late and transported him back to his own bed. He did manage to wake up at his usual time of 6:15 this morning, so Josh got up with him for the early shift - which is why Josh is currently napping.

All in all, a great weekend. I'm going to try to make some Zucchini bread this afternoon during Thomas' next nap. We pulled 9 giant Zucchini out of the garden yesterday! Happy weekend!

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