Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thomas is getting far too big! He has really outgrown the bassinet in his pack and play, so we have to start putting him in his crib. His room is upstairs, so we have been holding off as long as possible so that Josh doesn't have to try to climb the stairs in the middle of the night. Thomas still gets up for one feeding (usually around 4) so we have to take that into account. We also like having him in our room because it is convenient. I think this will be similar to when we had to move him into the bassinet from sleeping in our bed. It was tough for the first few nights because we had to keep getting up, but then we got used to it.

Josh is actually picking up the crib at Target right now. We had planned on using the crib that has been in my family for years, but due to a paint problem we cannot. Josh's mom has tried every furniture refinishing technique to get paint to stick to it and it just will not work.

Josh's parents came over to drop off the crib yesterday and stayed to play a game with us. Doesn't Thomas look like he really understands how to play and is actually helping his grandma?

We also put Thomas in his high chair for the first time yesterday. He is pretty good at sitting up by himself and it was nice to have him at the table with us while we were playing. Notice the 5 point harness they have in the high chair these days - very safe...

Josh has been taking a picture of Thomas everyday and sending it to me at work. He also posts these pictures on his Facebook page, so if these weekly updates aren't enough for you - you can look there.

Must go now - Thomas is desiring some entertainment.

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Joanne said...

Those are great pictures! :) He will be a pro at Settlers before you know it.