Friday, January 23, 2009

4 month doctor visit

We suspected that Thomas would move to the top of his growth charts with this doctor visit and he definitely did. He is now at 95-97% in all of the categories, weight, height and head size. He is also reaching all of his milestones except one - he doesn't roll over yet. This is not a surprise as he hates being on his stomach so we don't put him there often enough for him to really try to roll over :)

Okay, now for the stats:
Height - 26.5 inches
Head - 43.8 cm
Weight - 18 lbs

Don't ask me why they do the head in centimeters and the height in inches - that has never made sense to me.

Thomas also had to endure more shots today :( But, he calmed down quickly with his bottle and then went right to sleep for his long morning nap.

I'm posting this early since I wanted to update everyone on his progress (yep, I'm a proud mom). The picture above is one of my favorite from this week. Josh sends me a picture of Thomas every day at work and it is always great to see the little man smiling at me. We got some great pictures this week and I love that we do this everyday - it is going to give us a great record of his first year.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

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illahee said...

oh man, he is a heart breaker! such a cutie!