Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mommy fail

I can't upload pictures because Thomas broke the converter I use to move pictures from my SD card on to my computer. I don't think of these little mechanical things as being so flimsy, but he just snapped it right off the computer. So, there you go. No pictures.

When Josh is on the road and I am here alone with the kids, the hardest part is putting them to bed. Thomas just has too much energy at this time of night and his energy comes with a little naughty streak - he knows that it drives me crazy if he comes in while I am trying to put Charlotte to bed and so he does it over and over again. I may have discovered the solution tonight. I can buckle him into his booster seat and put the tray on and give him my iPad to play with. I'm not sure that this is the approved method of keeping a child occupied for a few minutes but I am of the school of whatever works.

For the most part, the kids are great and I love hanging out with them and even love the fact that I get to spend time with them in the morning (which is pure laziness on my part - I would normally be going to work out at that time).

I ordered a new converter, so I should be able to do the pictures this weekend. Or, I may try the iPad method, but I'm more likely to kick back and read my book before drifting off to sleep at 9pm.

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