Saturday, October 10, 2009

How did my boy get so old?

I've mentioned before that Josh sends me pictures every day at work. On Thursday, he sent me this picture of Thomas eating a pear in the backyard. He looks like a little boy! Where did my baby go? He has been loving the pears (we have an Asian pear tree in our backyard) and he and his dad have been exploring the backyard. He is so mobile now that there is much more ability to get around.

This week there was a lot more teaching of how to eat with utensils, which is always a messy undertaking. This morning I got milk and yogurt all over my pajamas. He also tries to "escape" every time we change his diaper. That is what he is doing right now, running around naked while Josh chases him and tries to get his clothes and a diaper on.

We are going to head out for some adventures. Thomas does not love to be cooped up at home all the time, so we try to give him a little variety between naps.

Charlotte is doing well, moving around and quite obviously getting bigger. Amazingly, her arrival is only 7 weeks away. I'm at the point of pregnancy where I just feel HUGE and I don't move very fast. The other day, I ran down the hallway and provided a great deal of amusement to my coworkers.

Okay, must go, Thomas wants to collaborate and he doesn't type so well yet....

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