Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting closer!

I have been remiss in my blogging duties lately. The last couple of weeks at work have been very busy and we have been keeping busy on weekends as well. I'm at the stage of pregnancy when I get home from work every day and head straight to bed.

Josh has been doing a great job taking care of Thomas. They are exploring the mall, the yard, the driveway and today, Mommy's office. We have all the kids come to work for trick or treating and most of my coworkers had not seen Thomas for almost 6 months. He dressed up as Yoda and he looked so cute. Unfortunately, we were so taken with him that we forgot to take pictures.

After work, we went over to Jason and Joanne's and enjoyed some dinner with them. It is so fun to see Thomas and Catalina play together. They are still in the stage where they kind of play near each other rather than with each other.

Thomas also spends a lot of time with his aunt, Reba and the Leroy boys. He gets to spend more time with Noah, his youngest cousin because Noah is in Kindergarten and only goes to school 1/2 day. Thomas now says "Nah" for Noah.

He has also acquired the word "cookie" and knows that the sheep says "Baa" and while book, bath, ball and baa sound remarkably similar, his parents are starting to understand the distinction. It is remarkable to watch him gain language. I can't wait until we get full sentences.

Of course, we are now just counting the days until Charlotte joins our family. 31 days! We'll try to take some costume pictures tomorrow of our little Yoda and keep the blog more up to date!

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