Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes sir, that's my baby

We went to the doctor this morning for our first ultrasound. They have to do tests since I am of "advanced maternal age". I opted not to do the amnio so they do this test instead where they measure the nuchal translucency. Then they do some blood work to see if you have any chance of having a birth defect.

Our little one was super cooperative. He/She waved at us and did a bunch of stretching. It was so strange to see all of that movement and to feel none of it. The baby is measuring big - no surprise to us. We both come from big baby families. It was thrilling and amazing to see our baby growing away.

I told my team that I am pregnant as well so it is no longer secret at work. I really hate secrets, so it is nice to have it out in the open.

That is the big news of the day. Hope you all are doing well.


Hannah Snelling said...

YEAH! A first picture of my little niece/nephew! It's so clear - how fun!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Just have to say it again--that is the BEST ultrasound picture I've ever seen. So very clear. Even Audrey and Emma recognized the picture for a baby and not an alien (what they usually look like) right away. And that then started a whole baby/body conversation that I've not had with them yet.

Even with Kristen having had a baby last year, they've showed a remarkable lack of interest for the mechanics of it all. Until now!

Love you much!