Monday, January 08, 2007

What happened to the end of 2006?

I've found out that my mother is addicted to checking our blogs and it has been ever so long since I posted. I'm going to take this opportunity to give you some peeks into my life over the last month.

December was cold and wet which was perfect winter weather. I got all my shopping done early and had a chance to enjoy my Christmas tree (which is still up - I know, I know, I'll get to it). We got to spend a lot of time wiht both of our families playing games and eating and eating and eating. We spent Christmas Eve with Josh's family and Christmas morning at Robb and Rebecca's. The boys were especially fun - they were full of energy. Christmas afternoon, we went to meet Josh's dad and brother for a movie - the Pursuit of Happyness. The next day we saw We Are Marshall. It was great. I love to stay in and watch movies, so we got all of the Star Wars and started watching them. We are almost done and have only #3 left to watch.

I've been knitting for myself since Christmas and enjoying this fabulous yarn. I'm making a sweater. I've finished the body and I'm now working on the collar.

End of year is always crazy at work and January is my second biggest month, so things here have started off in a hurry.

Our latest adventure was attending the NFC Wild Card playoff game on Saturday at Qwest field. It was exciting and loud and cold and fun. I love going to football games and I can't wait for my nephews to start playing just so I can go see a game every weekend.

That is all for now. Pictures from the football game here:


Hannah Snelling said...

What happened to Sarah writing posts?

Mom said...

Should I just wait to check your blog in January 2008 to find out what happened to the end of 2007?