Friday, October 20, 2006


I finished my book on the boat this morning so I will take a moment to say that I really enjoyed The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. So much, that I am going to send it to Joanne right away. It reminded me of the classic detective novel and Joanne has always been a big reader of mysteries. It does not supplant my favorite book the year, The Thirteenth Tale, but it was a great read. Next, I am going for the pure weekend fun of Act of Treason by Vince Flynn. I have been trying to to mix up the fiction and the non-fiction, but weekends are for fiction.

Next week I intend to read Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope. I am a big fan of Obama and I got to meet him this summer in Washington, DC. It is very difficult to find politicians who actually talk about the issues and admit that it is a complex world with complex problems that cannot be solved with a sound bite. In this election season, it is refreshing to hear after seeing so many reductionist campaign ads. Okay, speech over.

We are going to the Seahawks game on Sunday and I cannot wait. Josh got 4 tickets this week so he is taking me along with his dad and his brother, Jeremy. Jeremy surprised us all with jerseys, so we will be in full Seahawks gear. It is supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees - unheard of for October in Seattle. I will try to post some pictures on Sunday night.

Have a great weekend!


Robb and Reba said...

I saw Obama briefly on the Today Show yesterday morning. He is quite impressive, and has the modesty to go with it. Also, a good looking guy. I have to say that it did occur to me that there is a resemblence between him and Carpathia from (your favorite) the Left Behind books...I'm sure it's just a coincidence--Antichrist/Obama??? ;)

Hope to see you some time this weekend!

Joanne said...

Yippee! A new book. I've not got to The Thirteenth Tale yet, but hearing that it's your favorite just moved it to the top of the stack you sent. I read The God of Animals and liked it a lot, and also Through a Glass Darkly. I wanted to start the Minette Waters/Walters (AHHH! brain freeze!) this week, but Toben was out of town and if I remember correctly, her books can be a little freaky.

So...we'll watch for you on TV on Sunday (unless, of course, the Broncos are playing at the same time!). Sounds like lots of fun!

Happy Friday and no-alarm-clock Saturday morning!

Joanne said...

Sunday night...finished The Thirteenth Tale this afternoon and LOVED it. Thanks for a great read!

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog. I too recently read The Thirteenth Tale and we will be discussing it on my online book blog starting November 5th. Feel free to stop by to see how everyone else liked it! Stephanie @